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Read the Bible Together

The Bible is the most comprehensive and most frequently read record of people’s thoughts about and experiences of God. Some of us find that reading the same Bible passages on the same day is a double win, increasing the vibrancy of our Bible reading and bringing a new spiritual dynamic into our friendships. We’d like to invite you to join us.

You can simply dive right into the reading—using the schedule below—or first take a look at our orientation materials:

Epiphany 2017

January 8th through 14th

Introducing Psalms

Introducing Ephesians

Introducing Mark

January 15th through 21th

January 22nd through 28th

Introducing Galatians

January 29th through February 4th

February 5th through 11th

Introducing Timothy

February 12th through 18th

Introducing Deuteronomy

Introducing Hebrews

Introducing John

February 19th through 25th

February 26th through March 4th

Introducing Jeremiah

Introducing Romans

Lent 2017

March 5th through March 11th

March 12th through 18th

March 19th through 25th

March 26th through April 1st

April 2nd through April 8th

April 9th through April 15th (HOLY WEEK)

Sunday, April 16 (Easter): Psalm 148, 149, 150; Exodus 12:1-14; John 20:1-29

Other seasons: