Sara Minard & Lydia Shiu - Mindfulness Meditation & Scripture - Reservoir Church
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tuesday 12:00pm-1:30pm


If you want to learn how to pause and breathe better during stressful moments, or want to develop skills to find more stillness, peace and equanimity (balance) in your everyday and in faith journey, then this community group will be beneficial for you. It may be particularly useful for students and teachers, who are struggling with the stress of returning to school, and activists and healthcare professionals, but mindful practice is truly beneficial for every human being.

As co-leader, Lydia will be making scriptural connections of our mindfulness practice, and lead us in the care and prayer that we all seek
from community groups. Our Community Group is open to everyone, without exception, and no prior experience with meditation or mindful practice is needed.

We take time to share life and struggles, with prayer and silence.

Virtual and weekly.
All are welcome.