Men of Color

A group for those that identify as men of color – sharing, prayer and scripture.

Steve Watson – Unpacking Christianity: After Evangelicalism

Unpacking Christianity: After Evangelicalism

As part of an ongoing series of classes called Unpack Christianity, this is a five week class based on David Gushee’s book After Evangelicalism: The Path to a New Christianity. Steve preached on themes from this book last November, right after it was published. Gushee knows from the inside much of what went wrong in American evangelical Christianity and has provocative ideas for where the Christian faith is going and needs to go. Purchase and reading of the book will be recommended, but not required.
Virtual: meeting over zoom.
*offered seasonally* –  please inquire for 2022/2023 dates.
All are welcome.

Sara Minard & Lydia Shiu – Mindfulness Meditation & Scripture

If you want to learn how to pause and breathe better during stressful moments, or want to develop skills to find more stillness, peace and equanimity (balance) in your everyday and in faith journey, then this community group will be beneficial for you. It may be particularly useful for students and teachers, who are struggling with the stress of returning to school, and activists and healthcare professionals, but mindful practice is truly beneficial for every human being.

As co-leader, Lydia will be making scriptural connections of our mindfulness practice, and lead us in the care and prayer that we all seek
from community groups. Our Community Group is open to everyone, without exception, and no prior experience with meditation or mindful practice is needed.

We take time to share life and struggles, with prayer and silence.

Virtual and weekly.
All are welcome.

Steve & Grace Watson – caregivers of young kids

We welcome connection to God and one another, whatever our lives are bringing and wherever our faith stands. We are mostly parents of young kids who meet online after they mostly have gone to bed to talk about our lives and kids and pray for one another.
We meet over zoom from 9 to 10 p.m. on Thursday evenings and at other times and places in person, as we are able.

Couples Group in Malden

We are a community group that gathers as couples, to share with one another the highs and lows of our partnerships, and pray for one another.

Contact:  Aina Adler & John Griffith

Cameron & Lorraine – Prayer & Spiritual Practices

We share prayer needs and spiritual formation exercises/activities.

Meets every two weeks – Hybrid
In non-Covid times we meet at various members’ homes throughout the Greater Boston area.

Facilitators:  Cameron Ware and Lorraine Helfand-Garcia

Identity, justice and theology – Jin Min & Kate

Common themes of this community group include identity, justice and theology that arise in the course of living in a messy, complex and broken world.  Members of this group lead this group on a rotating basis on a topic that invites self-reflection, discussion and prayer.

*virtual until 2022

Steve Watson – Sharing & Scripture exploration

Each week, we’ll spend half an hour in a structured time to connect, followed by an hour of Bible study. We’ll closely read a text each week, looking for things that surprise, delight, inspire, and provoke.
Reservoir Campus & On-line