2020-2021 Church Board Announced - Reservoir Church
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2020-2021 Church Board Announced

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July 23, 2020

The Reservoir Church Board held its annual meeting last weekend. Morenike Eastman (our clerk), Mike Salguero (our treasurer), Scott Anthony, Amanda Proctor, and Steve Watson all continue on the Board. Reservoir also welcomes four new Board members, all nominated by members of the congregation this past winter. Ann Bakun, Peter Choo, Manny Nicholas, Vidya Sivan are new Board members, but together they have nearly 80 years of history in our congregation.

These members love our church, they give generously of their time and resources to our community, and they all — each in their own way — have a track record of strong relationships, faith, and wisdom among us.

For the first time in Reservoir’s church history, Reservoir has a Board that is majority person of color. As the community has grown in its racial and ethnic diversity, our leadership representation has not always kept pace. In this season Steve Watson has been recommitting to his own personal and leadership work on equity, inclusion, healing, and justice around race. He is thrilled that Reservoir has a Board that cares about this work as well and has made improvements in our representation of our congregation’s diversity.

The function of the Board at Reservoir includes: providing financial oversight and accountability for our church, and making sure we manage and spend funds legally, ethically, wisely, and in line with our mission and vision. Board Members also evaluate and support the church senior pastor (Steve Watson), and have the authority to fire Steve if necessary and hire a replacement upon his removal or resignation or retirement.

More than just these roles, though, our Board comes alongside our staff team of ten pastors, directors, and helpers (half full time, half part time) to help develop and live the mission and vision of our community. Please join in praying for this Board’s wisdom and protection, and for the flourishing of our congregation in the year to come. 

In the upcoming weeks, see our soon-to-be updated Who’s Who page on Reservoir’s website with a new picture and short bios of all our Board members!