Monday November 4th: GBIO Health Care Assembly - Reservoir Church
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Monday November 4th: GBIO Health Care Assembly

October 23, 2019

Blue and White logo with letters GBIO. Text reads: Greater Boston Interfaith Organization
On October 13th, 21 people from our church gathered to tell stories about our experiences with our healthcare system and learn about Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) healthcare equity initiatives and actions. Many of us vulnerably shared our own stories or stories of friends. Some of us work in the healthcare industry, and shared stories of our work experience. We learned about GBIO’s three initiatives and the GBIO action on the evening of Monday, November 4th.
There’s still time to join in a few different ways!
1) Join the GBIO action on 11/4 at 7pm. You can register here and select “Reservoir Church” for the institution.
2) Join our mailing list to get updates, and/or join the core team and help organize others to join. Contact Iueh Soh  or Paul Castiglione, for more info.