New Artist-in-Residence Series: Featuring Female Artists of Color - Reservoir Church
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New Artist-in-Residence Series: Featuring Female Artists of Color

Photos of two girls standing in front of a mural.

November 23, 2020

Reservoir Member Yawa Degboe leads a new artists’ project with a two-fold purpose:
  1.  Explore art by female artists of color, who traditionally have been overlooked by art institutions
  2. Support girls of color, who traditionally have been overlooked by the educational system, to develop critical thinking, visual literacy, communication and collaboration skills.
As Yawa shared, “The idea behind this Artist-in-Residence series is for female artists of color to share their art with brown and black girls. During each session, we will explore an art piece that the artist created through various activities. The idea is for the girls to look at art and learn critical thinking, learn to see, hear, listen, look. I guide them through the process. I mean, really look and express their opinions…all the kinds of skills that will help them to rock this world.”
This special new circle of enthusiasts with Yawa leading some young girls of color is one way the Reservoir community continues its focus growing as a beloved community, stretching our sights to engage street art and artists’ stories from all around Greater Boston. Our fall 2020 retreat, “Retreat Into Your City,” took a grand tour of murals in many Boston neighborhoods. Its digital format with mural images, artist credits, and spiritual practices, can be found HERE.
Artists are invited to reach out to Yawa at with interest in participating. No funds are currently available; the partnership in building this educational vision for helping black and brown girls “rock this world” is the reward! The small group of kids meets currently on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM. The program is ongoing, but still in its infancy.
PC: Yawa Degboe
Image of two young artists conducting their own guided tour of a mural at Underground Ink Block. Mural by artist, Percy Fortini Wright.