No Kids Church Sunday July 3rd - Reservoir Church
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No Kids Church Sunday July 3rd

June 27, 2016

While our children’s programs run all year round, we do plan occasional Sundays off to give our volunteers a break, catch our breath, evaluate, clean up and plan for the new school year. We take 2 Sundays off at the beginning of the summer and 2 more at the end. Here are those remaining dates:

July 3

August 28

September 4

That said, we’ll have a nice long 7-sunday stretch of fun summer Kids Church, July 10-August 21.

Then your children move up to their new classes on September 11.

We hope you’ll enjoy the kids area in the Dome during the service or boldly sit up front so your kids can enjoy the worship band. And stick around afterwards and connect with other families around the bagel tables or on the playground.

You can read more about our Kids Church programs here.