Red Cross to Use Reservoir Church Sanctuary - Reservoir Church
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Red Cross to Use Reservoir Church Sanctuary

photo of truck next to building. Truck reads "American Red Cross."

March 23, 2020

The Reservoir Church sanctuary is currently being used as a blood donation site during the months of March and April. The Red Cross presented an urgent need to find space, as their previous location fell through due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Director of Operations and Communications Trecia Reavis and Reservoir member Kristi Eckardt are working with the Red Cross staff to set up the dozens of donors who have already lined up to give blood.
The Red Cross is very grateful for the ideal large interior space to safely welcome donors during a time of social distancing and ongoing needs for blood donation with appropriate precautions. Reservoir Church is equally thankful to be able to offer the building for good use right now, as our events and Sunday services have temporarily all moved online.
To volunteer and assist this effort, contact Jim Gallant of the Red Cross.
Keep the Red Cross teams and all healthcare workers serving others in Massachusetts, in your prayers of thanks and protection!