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Reservoir is Hiring

June 1, 2021

Reservoir is looking for two new team members!

As a result of a resignation of a long-serving, beloved families pastor at the end of 2021, Reservoir is restructuring a couple positions and has two openings on our team.

One is a full-time pastoral position leading our ministry to kids, youth, and the adults who love them. The other is a part-time position leading our ministry to very young children.

Please see the short position descriptions below which include details on qualifications and more. And if you care about Reservoir Church, please pray for two great people to join our team before year’s end.

2021 Director of Ministry to Kids, Youth, and the Adults who Love Them

2021 Reservoir Preschool Kids Pastor

Spread the news with anyone inside or outside the church that you think may be interested and qualified. Recommendations, questions, and interest can be directed toward our senior pastor, All initial inquiries will remain entirely confidential.