Staff Transitions & New Job Openings - Reservoir Church
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Staff Transitions & New Job Openings

July 5, 2016

We have a couple of changes coming to our staff team. We are announcing them now to give time to appreciate the members of our team who are moving on and spread the word about a couple of exciting opportunities for new team members at Reservoir Church.

Last fall, we hired Alice Liu to work with us part-time through the summer, both in administration and in community outreach. Alice will be moving on from this position at the end of August, as we restructure how we do that work and as Alice looks for her next steps professionally. We’re grateful for Alice’s service and excited for her continued, so-valued presence in our church, back in a non-staff role.

Over ten years ago, Dana Reynolds joined our staff to be our worship leader, sound technician, and get-things-done pastor at our church’s second site we then ran in Boston’s South End. After we shuttered that site, Dana continued leading worship and supporting our Sunday experience in other ways as well. Dana has been part-time for a little while, as his wife Lydia has expanded her social work career, and Dana’s decided to leave staff and pursue other work himself at the end of September. Dana hopes to continue serving on our worship team in a volunteer capacity, and we are grateful for his many years of service and continued enthusiasm for his life in our community. We’ll appreciate Dana together this September as well.

We are hoping to hire an intern this summer, who can work with us for two years as an administrator and ministry apprentice in another area of church life while potentially earning a Master’s degree for free. For more information, take a look at our intern job posting.

We will also begin looking for a worship leader for our church. We have a plan for a bridge period of all-volunteer worship leading for three to six months, but we’ll start looking around for a great worship leader for our community right away. Here’s that worship leader job posting.

Feel free to share these links with anyone who might be suitable, or might know someone who might be suitable to serve our community in these positions. Please also pray for Steve, our Senior Pastor, and for our Board as we seek for, evaluate, and hire individuals whom God has prepared to serve and lead our church. And when you see Alice and Dana, please do thank them for their service as well – we are so grateful!