This Sunday, 12/9: Participatory Liturgy at Reservoir - Reservoir Church
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This Sunday, 12/9: Participatory Liturgy at Reservoir

December 7, 2018

We hope to see you this Sunday at 9:30 or 11:30 AM for what will be a special and reflective service. Each year on a Sunday during Advent — the four weeks before Christmas — we change things up a little bit, and practice a participatory liturgy.

Liturgy is a word with Greek roots that means “the work of the people.” Jesus followers have used this word for centuries to refer to the ways the people of God participate in the work of God through worship.

“Liturgy” often refers to worship that is a bit more structured, with more ritual, proclaimed Scripture readings, call and response, recited prayers.

This Sunday, we’ll take part in a participatory liturgy centered around Dreams & Nightmares. A few things will be different and special for us:

  • Our service won’t have a sermon, but will have three stories from Scripture proclaimed by members of our community.
  • We’ll have specific and structured invitations for response to the content of the service and encounter with Jesus.
  • Like last year, we will sit in semi-circles, and have the opportunity to share our reflections from the readings and other content. You’ll be welcome to share or participate as much or as little as you like.
  • We’ll all be invited to interact with and contribute to an art installation in our space, as part of our reflection on Dreams & Nightmares.
  • We’ll worship through song and take part in Communion, but those components of our service will be ordered a little differently than usual.

We hope you’ll be there on Sunday, sit as far forward as possible, and be comfortable filling the chairs in the semi-circles we have arranged. We hope you’ll participate to the extent you’re comfortable.

Come with an open mind and heart for how you might encounter Emmanuel — God With Us — in this different environment with our focus on Dreams & Nightmares. We expect our time together on Sunday to be rich and beautiful.