Working and Praying for Justice in Massachusetts - Reservoir Church
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Working and Praying for Justice in Massachusetts

July 27, 2020

Reservoir has been deeply engaged in Greater Boston Interfaith Organization’s coalition work to advocate for legislation that will increase healthcare access for all Mass residents and advance real, meaningful police reform to reduce racist and violent outcomes in policing. Under the leadership of Lydia Shiu and our Faith Into Action team, Reservoir members have participated in in-district meetings with local state representatives and senators. Steve Watson and many other clergy have been part of rallies at the state house. Some of Reservoir community have also been advocating for legislation that would help all immigrants, regardless of documentation status, to be able to get legal drivers’ licenses.

Regardless of your political affiliations, please pray that our state legislature  and Governor would govern with justice and mercy on these fronts, particularly as the July 31st legislative deadline approaches!