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Soccer Nights Stories

Terry, A Soccer Nights Volunteer

Reservoir Church runs Soccer Nights each summer for the community with all kinds of volunteers and participants. We’re happy to share some stories with you.

I’m a teacher and a coach. One thing I really love about Soccer Nights is coaching, and being a leader in that part of youth development within the community. I live in Cambridge, but I don’t work in Cambridge. So that’s kind of one of the reasons that I want to be here at Soccer Nights. I’m giving back to my community in the immediate area where I’m living, as opposed to the town where I work.

I’ve been involved with Soccer Nights over five years. I got brought in through a friend…And it was like, “Hey, you like sports? You want to come be a coach?” As soon as I came in I got really addicted to the idea of building community and to the positive things that we’re doing for the North Cambridge community here.

I remember two, three years ago we had a mom come up and ask if she could play with the men, because in her country they’ve never been allowed to play with men. It was great that she was able to play.  To provide opportunities like that, cross cultural boundaries…So, yeah, Soccer Nights is awesome.  It’s why I keep coming back. I love it and I’ll keep coming as long as they have it.