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Our Partners

Reservoir Church is connected to a network of partners and friends who also care about the love of Jesus, the joy of living, and the gift of community. Here are just a few of the organizations that we collaborate with in our region and beyond.

Blue Ocean Faith

Our church founded Blue Ocean Faith, which promotes a conversation about meaning, faith, and culture and helps churches following Jesus connect with an increasingly secularized and pluralistic world. Our goal is to help both secular and spiritual people to find, in their current contexts, a deep and profound connection with faith and the world around them.


Asha empowers people who live in 71 slum communities in Delhi, India.  They focus on education, financial literacy, and access to healthcare. Asha works to stop the cycle of poverty through leadership development and a multi-faceted approach.

Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

Greater Boston Interfaith Organization works to organize Boston-area communities to fight for social justice, while transcending religious, racial, class, and other lines that divide groups of people. By bringing different constituencies together, the organization can effect greater change. Recent movements have focused on criminal justice reform, healthcare reform, and affordable housing.

Reservoir is a full member organization of GBIO. If you have questions about GBIO or want to get involved, contact Lydia Shiu.

  • Several Reservoir members make up a GBIO core team at our church, attend GBIO gatherings, and take point on GBIO actions that we participate in.
  • As part of our partnership with GBIO, our Senior Pastor, Steve Watson, has signed this interfaith call of unity — Out of Many, One — and spoken at the State House along with other clergy.
  • Our broader Reservoir community has made phone calls and shown up for GBIO actions to advocate for humane criminal justice legislation.
  • As of Spring 2018, our community has also joined in GBIO’s House Meeting Campaign. Reservoir community members will host gatherings for the purpose of sharing stories about public issues, and to build power and action around justice concerns in our city and state.
  • As of Fall 2018, Steve Watson, our senior pastor, has a lead role in a group of clergy seeking to work with the state attorney general’s office to advocate for the love and protection of immigrant families in MA and the United States.

Emmanuel Gospel Center

The Emmanuel Gospel Center is an organization that supports urban churches in Greater Boston and equips effective leaders through research and programming. The center builds connections between churches and faith-based initiatives and works closely with the Boston Education Collaborative, a group that focuses on issues of educational inequity.

Christian Community Development Association

Reservoir Church is a member of the Christian Community Development Association, a national organization that equips and connects churches looking to be good neighbors in their cities. The goal is to restore under-resourced communities through long-term commitment, holistic reconciliation, and dedication to equity.