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Lent at Reservoir

Each year, in the weeks before Easter, our church embarks on a season of spiritual formation. We take time and attention to look reflectively at our lives, to welcome God’s guidance and teaching, and to see what growth may come. This season in the year where winter meets spring is called Lent. Lent comes from an Old English word meaning “spring.” It’s used to refer to the six-week period before Easter Sunday. For centuries, Jesus followers have marked this period of anticipation of Easter through individual and communal intentions. 

We’ve produced a daily guide for the six weeks of Lent. Each week includes five short Bible readings, reflections, and suggestions for response. This year our Lent Guide also seeks to offer you an immersive experience complete with poetry, visual arts, and original music. The hope is that these different pathways will elicit a vibrant conversation between you and God, illuminating your own longings and desires.  Each week, use this guide’s offerings into your personal prayers. Setting aside 20-30 minutes a day will help the experience be most fruitful for you, but less time or less consistent practice is better than nothing!

As you use this guide, we encourage you to do so alongside others. Attend our Sunday services and join a community group for the season if you’re able. You could also find a friend to touch base with on your own if you would like. May your Lent be a place of warm encounter with God and with others, and may it be a time of rich learning, discovery, and formation.

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