Exploring Faith at Reservoir Church in Cambridge, MA
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Exploring Faith

If you aren’t convinced that showing up at a church is your next best step—we totally understand. However, we’d love to have you check out Reservoir Church, where we believe that exploring faith goes well when it’s accessible, fun, and real. At a Sunday morning service, you’ll find yourself amid a diverse community of people who have doubts and questions and at the same time are eager to discover what a life with Jesus at the center could mean for them. We even have a class for people who aren’t sure about all this stuff yet.

All to say you are welcome here! We think you’ll find Reservoir Church to be a friendly, safe, accessible, and helpful space—whether you are a life-long churchgoer or are thinking about spiritual things for the first time. If you are new to exploring issues of faith, we particularly recommend four different settings that might be helpful to you.

Community Groups

Community Groups are far and away the best way connect with people at Reservoir, build relationships, and experience community on your spiritual journey. Many community groups partake in regular spiritual practice, book or Bible study, various types of prayer, or all of the above. Under the guidance of our Pastor of Community Groups, Ivy Anthony, our community group leaders often lead their groups in studies that coincide with something we’re talking about at church. If you’d like some help matching up with a community group, reach out to Ivy.

Spiritual Practice

We think that spiritual practice and connection of some kind can be really helpful for connection with God, yourself, and with others. At the end of most of our sermons, our preachers offer a tip for whole life flourishing, and a spiritual practice to try for that week. We also hold an annual retreat which many folks point to as a special source of social and spiritual rejuvenation. In the past we’ve also held Prayer and Mediation Classes so be sure to keep an eye out on the calendar for more of that.


  • Reflection and Prayer Cards
    This packet from a past retreat includes easy to follow guides to Contemplative Prayer, Breath Prayer, the Examen, Walking Meditation, Immanuel Prayer.
  • I Am Here prayer card


UnPack is an opportunity to explore and unpack past hurts/wounds from journeys of faith and experiences of church. UnPack provides a safe, structured space to share your stories and emotions with others who have had similar experiences. Check out calendar for upcoming dates.

Becoming a Member

If you like Reservoir and would like to think of yourself as a co-host, rather than a guest, you can help us “throw the party” by becoming a member. Membership at Reservoir does not mean professing a certain list of beliefs or claiming a particular label or religious identity. Membership at Reservoir simply means showing up to the party (being around the community, looking to say yes to invitations from Jesus), treating all the guests well, and helping throw the party (by giving time and money to the community, and inviting people as you’re able.)

Here is our membership covenant — feel free to take a look. If you want to become a member, you can indicate that on a welcome card when you visit Reservoir on a Sunday. You’ll get the chance to meet with a pastor one-on-one to discuss what membership means, and then can complete the form and turn it in.