Exploring Faith at Reservoir Church in Cambridge, MA
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Exploring Faith

If you aren’t convinced that showing up at a church is your next best step—we totally understand. However, we’d love to have you check out Reservoir Church, where we believe that exploring faith goes well when it’s accessible, fun, and real. At a Sunday morning service, you’ll find yourself amid a diverse community of people who have doubts and questions and at the same time are eager to discover what a life with Jesus at the center could mean for them. We even have a class for people who aren’t sure about all this stuff yet.

All to say you are welcome here! We think you’ll find Reservoir Church to be a friendly, safe, accessible, and helpful space—whether you are a life-long churchgoer or are thinking about spiritual things for the first time. If you are new to exploring issues of faith, we particularly recommend four different settings that might be helpful to you.

Welcome Dinners

If you are checking out Reservoir Church for the first time and are interested in

  • hearing more about the church
  • meeting some of our staff
  • eating some good food and connecting with others

then please come to our next welcome dinner. Dinners are offered several times a year on a Saturday evening. Check our calendar for upcoming dates.

Becoming a Member

If you like Reservoir and would like to think of yourself as a co-host, rather than a guest, you can help us “throw the party” by becoming a member. Membership at Reservoir does not mean professing a certain list of beliefs or claiming a particular label or religious identity. Membership at Reservoir simply means showing up to the party (being around the community, looking to say yes to invitations from Jesus), treating all the guests well, and helping throw the party (by giving time and money to the community, and inviting people as you’re able.)

Here is our membership covenant — feel free to take a look. If you want to become a member, you can indicate that on a welcome card when you visit Reservoir on a Sunday. You’ll get the chance to meet with a pastor one-on-one to discuss what membership means, and then can complete the form and turn it in.


Seek is a 5-week course for those exploring faith or on the front end of faith. Seek provides a comfortable environment for questions, curiosity, and exploration alongside other people who are also considering faith. Each session includes a meal, a presentation, and small group discussion. Please email seek@reservoirchurch.org with questions and interest, or to request more information. You can also check our calendar for upcoming dates.


UnPack is an opportunity to explore and unpack past hurts/wounds from journeys of faith and experiences of church. UnPack provides a safe, structured space to share your stories and emotions with others who have had similar experiences. Check out calendar for upcoming dates.

Discovering Reservoir Class

Discovering Reservoir gives you an opportunity to hear our story and explore how this community can be part of your own journey. In this two-part afternoon class, we will share who we are, why we do church the way we do, and how to get involved. You’ll also learn about the nature of membership here and have the opportunity to consider joining.

The class is held on two Sundays, from 1–3 p.m. each day. Both sessions include a free lunch. Free childcare is also available upon request. Contact Steve (steve@reservoirchurch.org) for more information, or check our calendar for upcoming dates.

Following Jesus at Reservoir Church Class

The person and teachings of Jesus animate everything we do at Reservoir Church. This three-part class explores the how and why of following Jesus. We study some of the central actions and teachings of Jesus and look at habits we can practice to access the life Jesus offers. We also explore how following Jesus in this community creates possibilities for partnership and leadership at Reservoir Church and in your broader life and career.

We realize that it is not always possible to attend all three sequential sessions of this class. If you must miss a class, you can make up the week you missed the next time it is offered.

The next Following Jesus class will be held in the spring, from 1–4 p.m. each day. Each session includes a free meal. Free childcare is also available upon request. Contact Steve (steve@reservoirchurch.org) or see our calendar of events for more information.