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Tonight We Stop – End Detention Camps

July 15, 2019

One of our pastors, Michaiah Healy, delivered these words at Cambridge's Lights for Liberty vigil to end detention camps: Greetings. My name is Michaiah Healy. I am a Pastor at Reservoir Church. We are here tonight on behalf of our community: citizens, immigrants, refugees, naturalized, faith traditions, and cultur..

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How we read the Bible as a post-evangelical church

June 28, 2019

Steve Watson recently shared in a Faith and Leadership article how Reservoir has grown in its spiritual practice of Bible engagement in a changing religious landscape. Roger stood before our quarterly gathering of church leaders wearing faded jeans and a button-down shirt suitable for the gardening and other activi..

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4 Ways to Pray on Your Feet This Summer

June 19, 2019

There are myriad ways to connect with God and your inner life and to offer peace and love to others. There's also a lot of different language for doing that, some of which might land for us, and some of which won't. Pray, Meditate, sending love and light, sending good thoughts, sending positive energy -- these are all..

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If God Loves Me, Maybe I Can Stop Hating Myself

May 3, 2019

Yesterday, I walked into an audiology office for a hearing test and new set of hearing aids. As I’m getting fitted, I hear at full volume again for the first time in weeks. And it’s a revelation. My own voice seems odd to me, the doctor’s tone is so vivid, the sounds of the world are so clear again. So I say..

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The Wild Places Bible Guide – 30

April 19, 2019

The Wild Places - Day 29 Friday, April 19On our final day of Bible reading in Lent, we’ll read the whole of Mark 15, a long passage, but I will keep my comments at the end brief. I encourage you to read slowly, imagining yourself present as a witness, even if the material is very familiar.  Mark 15 (..

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The Wild Places Bible Guide – 29

April 18, 2019

The Wild Places - Day 28 Thursday, April 18 Mark 14:53-72 (CEB) 53 They led Jesus away to the high priest, and all the chief priests, elders, and legal experts gathered. 54 Peter followed him from a distance, right into the high priest’s courtyard. He was sitting with the guards, warming himself..

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