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What the Idolaters Got Right

August 9, 2018

Seeking a God Within Reach In my tradition’s sacred texts, one of the things that most sets God off is idolatry, the worship of things or persons that are not the one God. Abraham’s children developed religion and culture in an area where most people worshipped many gods. These gods were invisible spiritual beings..

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Embodied, Holistic Faith

August 2, 2018

A Whole Body Approach to Mental Health This summer I read a book on exercise and the brain that helped me think about how my own understandings of faith and human flourishing have grown over time. The book is by the highly acclaimed psychiatrist Dr. John Ratey. It’s his work Spark: The Revolutionary New Science o..

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Jesus vs. Empire: A Religion of Creation

June 13, 2018

Last month, I had a chance to share with a group of clergy about an aspect of my faith that helps inform contemporary social critique. The session was playfully titled, “A Christian, a Jew, and a Muslim Walk into an Empire.” I’ve been interested in what faith in a time of empire looks like. Last summer, I pre..

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Annual Interfaith Iftar

May 11, 2018

Join Reservoir and neighbors for our annual interfaith Ramadan dinner. We're excited to host our 11th annual Iftar dinner for our Muslim neighbors, celebrating with them as they break fast at the end of the day on Saturday, June 9. We'll need volunteers to help set up, bring halal food items, and host during the ..

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A Criminal Justice Win: Governor Baker Signs Bill

April 20, 2018

Last Friday, April 13, Republican Governor Charlie Baker signed into law major criminal justice reform. Since 2015, our partner Greater Boston Interfaith Organization has fought for paradigm shifting criminal justice reform in Massachusetts with priority on: Reduction in the use of Mandatory Minimums for drug sent..

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Healthy Faith or Unhealthy Faith? 3 Questions to Ask

April 13, 2018

I remember a few years ago, there was a study done by the Barna Group that asked young-ish Americans what words they associated with Christian faith. The top word was "anti-homosexual". But also among the list of top words were "judgmental," "hypocritical," and "insensitive". A substantial amount of people said they ha..

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