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Which Creation Story Do You Need Today?

March 14, 2023

Every Saturday, I sit in a circle with some friends from my church and together we study the Bible. We pay attention to what encourages and inspires us, as well as the many things that frustrate and befuddle us. We read and talk about these texts because they’re one place we go for wisdom and direction and we follow..

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Blessed are the Peacemakers – A Pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine

August 10, 2022

Last month, I had the opportunity to participate in a study tour hosted by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston. Every year or two, JCRC Boston takes some Christian clergy to Israel and Palestine to get to know the complexities of that land’s past, present, and future. Part of the tour is a v..

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GBH’s All Things Considered

July 1, 2022

Recently I had the opportunity to be part of GBH’s All Things Considered and discussed Reservoir's diversity, our commitment to inclusion, and as a Jesus-centered community, embracing the vision of Beloved Community for all. Here’s the link and the transcript is below. Offering a ‘liberative tradition’ a..

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How and Why to Pray the Examen

June 10, 2022

There is an old form of prayer called the Examen. It was first developed by the 15th century Spanish mystic Igancio de Loyola, who commended the priests in his growing movement called the Society of Jesus to pray this way every day. For a few years, I’ve been praying versions of this prayer daily myself. And this su..

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Buffalo, The Church and the Call for Beloved Community

May 19, 2022

Drive seven hours west from Cambridge along route 90, and you’ll arrive in the working class, lake-side city of Buffalo, teeming with life. Were it in Massachusetts, it would be the second largest city in New England. Along the way, you’ll drive north of a little town called Conklin, where a young man grew into ..

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A Time for Healing

May 3, 2022

This spring, Reservoir Church’s sermon series is called “How to Heal the World.”  It’s kind of a cheeky, overstated title, but it came out of a series of conversations and reflections I had this winter about how sick and tattered our world is, how that’s impacting us, and the opportunity for some..

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