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Why We’re Starting a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team

February 14, 2019

by Steve Watson, Senior Pastor A couple of years ago, a young man who grew up in Cambridge walked into our church services on a Sunday and then kept coming back. Turns out, he had first visited on a whim while curious about finding more of a spiritual or religious center for his life. When I asked him why he kep..

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Dignity | A Year’s Meditation on Asha Values

February 8, 2019

by Steve Watson, Senior Pastor Over the past three years, one of the most powerful forces of inspiration in my life has been the work of an Indian NGO called Asha. Over thirty years ago my friend Dr. Kiran Martin, recently graduated from medical school in Delhi, heard of a cholera epidemic in her city’s slum comm..

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The Worst Christmas Carol Ever

December 21, 2018

by Steve Watson During my teenage years and into my very early twenties, I spent thousands of hours singing. I performed in art song recitals and musical theater, sang fake medieval music for an athletic ware television commercial, and wrote and sang original avant garde opera for a school mate’s dance recital. In..

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5 Resources to Help You Flourish: November

November 30, 2018

Reservoir exists to help people connect with Jesus and flourish. We think the right church can be a good part of that happening, so we enjoy being a church that can help you discover more of the love of Jesus, the gift of community, and the joy of living. But we’re also aware that there’s a lot more to a flourishin..

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3 Spiritual Practices to Try This Week

November 19, 2018

Spiritual practices can seem like a daunting addition to our busy schedules. They say it takes something like three weeks to form a habit, too, so even if you start a spiritual practice of—say—daily bible reading, or prayer walking, can you stick with it long enough to form it into a habit? Maybe some remarkable fo..

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Art as Environmental Activism

November 5, 2018

Jillie Wowk-Kennedy, Reservoir Member, interviews Liza F. Carter, whose work is currently on display in the Reservoir Dome Gallery. Liza is a Massachusetts-based watercolor painter and photographer. See her art on Sundays before/during/after our Sunday services.  It took a little bit to get this interview off the g..

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