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The Scapegoat to End All Scapegoats

March 25, 2020

Fourth in the Lenten series, "Why Did Jesus Die?" A friend of mine recently told me about a conversation she’d had in the early weeks of the coronavirus crisis we’re facing right now. Let’s call my friend Anne. Anne and a friend of hers were making plans to go out to eat, and she suggested a place in Chinato..

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What Could the Show “The Good Place” and the Painter Rembrandt provoke in us?

February 26, 2020

From Steve's sermon last Sunday: "...not all of us have known fathers, or mothers for that matter, to be full of love and forgiveness, or very good at expressing it. A few of us have known outright cruel parents. Most of us have known parents that tried their best and never wanted to be cruel, but were cruel on oc..

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Solidarity: The Cross Shows Us Where to Find God

February 20, 2020

When we ask the question, “Why did Jesus die?” it’s tempting to start with the snarky but true response, “Because people killed him.” Jesus was kind and gentle and amazing to just about everyone he encountered, except for the religious and cultural and political elite of his age. When he wasn’t calling the..

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Why Did Jesus Die? (Part II)

February 12, 2020

Some Perspective and Humility: Last week, we looked at one theory that has been very influential in some of the Christian traditions that shaped a lot of American spirituality and religion. Its technical name is rather unfortunate: penal substitutionary atonement theory. To break it down word by word,  Pena..

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Why Did Jesus Die? (Part I)

February 7, 2020

Revisiting a Troubling Question: A while back, after a Sunday church service, a friend of mine sought me out for some parenting advice, in the religion department. Her elementary school-aged daughter had asked her, “Mommy, why did Jesus die?” And as she was about to answer the question, she realized that she di..

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We Are Messy and Let’s Not Forget That During Election Year

February 5, 2020

Ivy Anthony: We are entering into an election year where loud, frenzied voices will take even more of center stage - reinforcing just how simple our stories should be - how obvious and justified it is to discount, ignore and disengage with the stories around us that don’t complement our own. However, our stories ..

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