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Statement on Recent Events

January 8, 2021

Members and friends of the Reservoir Church community, For many reasons, we don't put out statements about most contemporary events. But given the level of shock, fear, and outrage many have experienced this week, as our senior pastor, I wanted to share a part of my own reaction. There are three ways I see this wee..

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Thank you!

January 7, 2021

Hi, Friends, Happy New Year! One of my kids showed me a meme that said we are now living in a year whose name tells us 2020-won. Get it?!? I’m going to go old time religion here, though, and curse that gloomy outlook of despair. This year, as with all years and all times, God is with us to together walk into a ye..

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To Make Us One With God

December 16, 2020

Part 6 and the last in my series this year which asks, "Why Did Jesus Die?" Why was God so invested in humanity that God became one of us, born a child in Bethlehem? Why was God so committed to life on this little planet of ours that God entered into the story as a poor, Jewish child in a backwater town, on the Eas..

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Reservoir Introduces the Beloved Community Fund

November 30, 2020

The Beloved Community Fund is a resource that will support individuals within Reservoir’s community by Connecting them to short-term financial assistanceConnecting them to longer-term resources and networks within, and beyond Reservoir Church. At Reservoir we seek to provide avenues of joy, hope, wholeness, an..

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Reservoir Membership, and Wisdom from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

November 19, 2020

Hi, Friends. This month, in our "Salt of the Earth" Sunday series, we are exploring different aspects of what it means to practice healthy and useful faith in community in a post-Christian world. I talked specifically about church this past weekend. While we wait to return to in person worship together at some point i..

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Some Planning Ahead for 2021

November 12, 2020

Hi, Friends, This week I’m writing the church letter before This is Us airs, so you won’t have to, or get to, read me quoting it. ;)I want to first catch the attention of anyone who is newer at Reservoir, and then share an update about how our church is thinking about this season of fewer in-person ga..

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