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Ways to Get Involved

We welcome anyone who wants to participate in our community, and you will never be pressured to do more than you want to. That said, most of our visitors find that they enjoy getting more involved, and that doing so helps them to connect more deeply with our community.

Exploring Faith Together

One of our favorite things to do is to help people explore the most connected, joyful, fulfilling life possible. Many people find that faith can help empower this life. We offer a variety of ways to do this, regardless of your prior experience with faith, or lack thereof. All of our Sunday experience is meant to be accessible to you, and we offer groups and classes for this purpose as well.

For more information, check out our offerings under the Exploring Faith section of this website.

Relationships—The Gift of Community

One of the great gifts of our community is the gift of the community itself. We are a diverse church that represents the wide range of people you could expect to meet in Cambridge and the Greater Boston area, only a little friendlier. We host many groups throughout the week that would be happy to hear from you or have you visit.

Check out our current listings under the Community Groups section of this website.

Contributing—Everyone Can Play!

The other way to get involved at Reservoir Church is to discover you have a role to play in making our church and our city a better place. When we say, “Everyone can play!” at Reservoir Church, we mean it. If you’d be up for brewing coffee, playing with toddlers, directing traffic, kicking a soccer ball with a neighborhood youth, or helping out with any number of other opportunities, there’s a way for you to contribute. The volunteers in our community make us a vibrant place to be and a great gift to our neighborhood—and most people find that chipping in with their efforts is a great way to meet someone new and feel at home.


Giving is a way of contributing to your community and watching the people around you grow. Giving also allows us to become involved in community by becoming an active part of making real change happen. To learn more about the various ways you can give at Reservoir, head to our Giving page!