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Vision & Values

We are here to inspire people to discover the love of Jesus, the joy of living, and the gift of community.

Core Values

Jesus captures our hearts, transforms our lives, and makes all things possible. We want to move closer to Jesus in all aspects of our lives. As we do so, these are the values that guide our journey:

  • Connection: We value life-giving connections and are committed to pursuing God’s wholeness, love, and leading in every moment of our lives, transcending distinctions between sacred and secular.
  • Everyone: We seek to welcome people in all their diversity, without condition or exception, to embrace a life connected to Jesus and others.
  • Action: Love for Jesus compels us to act—to seek justice, show compassion, work for reconciliation, and hope for transformation in joyful engagement with the world.
  • Freedom: We encourage honest exploration of faith over conformity of belief or behavior, trusting that the Holy Spirit reveals truth to all who seek God.
  • Humility: We are wholeheartedly committed to pursuing the truth of Jesus through multiple sources, including the Bible, reason, culture, and experience, and we take the posture of learners, recognizing that our understanding of God’s truth continues to unfold.

Vision Statement

We find Jesus utterly compelling and believe that a life connected to him simply has more—joy, hope, wholeness, and vitality. We envision a day when many in North Cambridge and Greater Boston are connecting with Jesus and our church in deep ways and absolutely thriving as a result.

Faith Statement

Our faith is anchored in the ancient statements that have captured the experience and thinking of the great majority of followers of Jesus throughout history. Our central touchstone is The Nicene Creed. We are also a founding member of Blue Ocean Faith, whose six defining characteristics capture the ethos of our Jesus-centered, fully inclusive, spiritually vibrant approach to faith.