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  • Reservoir community groups rest on Jesus’ words that, “where two or three are gathered together, there he is also.”  The gift of community found in Reservoir’s community groups unfolds as belonging is valued rather than belief, this is highlighted by Reservoir’s core values of connection, humility, action, freedom and everyone.

    This Fall most of our community groups will engage in the same content focused on Beloved Community.

    Why Beloved Community?
    The ‘beloved community’ was a phrase popularized by Martin Luther King Jr., as well as other leaders in the civil rights struggle. It referred to the equitable, just, inclusive community they believed God was shaping with our help.  Beloved community was a deep prayer that safeguarded them from resignation, isolation and disconnection – and guided them to uphold what they most valued, loved and cherished – what they believed the world could become.

    The beloved community is an interconnected way of being with one another, that I believe is crucial for us today.  Beyond its utopian sound, this phrase –  “beloved community,” is one that asks us to do the radical work of staying connected to one another, to knowing one another, to listening to one another with all our differences present so that transformation can occur in us, and in the world around us.

    This Fall, we find ourselves in times that are immensely straining and hard.  We will not go back to in-person services, we are in the largest antiracism movement (many of us), have seen in our lifetimes, and we are in the most deadly pandemic any of us have encountered.

    This Fall we need “beloved community,” to be the spiritual call to all of us.  To help us move out of “holding patterns” and enliven us to live this life, here and now, reflecting God’s love, peace and justice – especially through virtual platforms!

    *Please note that MOST of our groups are virtual/hybrid for the Fall season, (however, many of the listing still show physical locations.)
    Here’s a google form, if you’d like to express your community group interest,  .

  • We’ve found that you are more likely to enjoy going to a community group that fits you and your routine, so please feel free to try out a few groups before settling into one.

    You can also receive a personal recommendation based on your preferences and interests. Feel free to contact Ivy, our pastor of community life, at

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