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  • Our community groups rest on Jesus’ words that, “where two or three are gathered together, there he is also.” The gift of community that Reservoir’s community groups offer, is founded by our vision of growing Beloved Community together – utilizing the organizing principle of love – that sets up a way of relating and belonging to one another that is often more powerful than a system of belief.  For our full church vision, visit here.

    This year’s season of Lent centers the theme  – Earth.  It touches on eco-theology, indigenous wisdom, and postures of humility, gratitude, and curiosity toward earth, self, and God. The Lent Guide includes scriptures, and points of interest, as well as a morning prayer practice inspired by the Indigenous wisdom of Randy Woodley and an evening prayer practice called the Examen. You’ll also discover 5 poems throughout the guide.  All of these components can be utilized for a rich and meaningful community group gathering.

    Lent Guide 2023: Earth

    Lent Guide 2022: Water of Life

    Advent Guide 2022:  With Us

    Click here,  for our current list of Fall 2022 Community Groups.
    Click here for a google form, to express interest in community groups.

  • We’ve found that you are more likely to enjoy going to a community group that fits you and your routine, so please feel free to try out a few groups before settling into one.

    You can also receive a personal recommendation based on your preferences and interests. Feel free to contact Ivy, our pastor of community life, at

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