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  • Our community groups rest on Jesus’ words that, “where two or three are gathered together, there he is also.” The gift of community that Reservoir’s community groups offer, is founded by our vision of growing Beloved Community together – utilizing the organizing principle of love – that sets up a way of relating and belonging to one another that is often more powerful than a system of belief.  For our full church vision, visit here.

    This Fall most of our community groups will engage in a live conversation of how we “gather.” What does it look like to gather these days? What have we learned from who has a seat at the table? What have our tables been set with? What are our stories?  These conversations will be backed by content drawn from the stories of Jesus around a table, largely centered in the gospel of Luke.

    The Table
    For over a year we have not gathered in physical space with one another.  We have not sat at tables with loved ones and friends.  Our fundamental way of relating and connecting with one another has been disrupted.  However, the racial and health pandemics of this last year have offered us an opportunity to re-establish Jesus’ organizing principle of love as the center for all gatherings, the centerpiece of all tables, and the nexus from which we draw strength to flip tables, listen, and transform.

    Thankfully we can take encouragement from Jesus’ 2,000 year old model of gathering  around a table. The gospel of Luke, (particularly after the first four chapters), becomes a story of Jesus’ meals, where we are invited to sit with Jesus at the table and bear witness to the beloved community he encourages us to grow.

    We would do well to sit with these invitations Jesus still sets before us and the questions that he invites us to live out; who sits at our tables? Who doesn’t sit at our tables? What is the shape of our tables? Who is (un)seen? Who is (un)heard? Who is (un)welcomed? Who experiences (un)love? What can we (un)learn?

    Our beloved community vision, challenges us to live into an interconnected way of being with one another. Beyond its utopian sound, this phrase, “beloved community,” is one that asks us to do the radical work of staying connected to one another, to knowing one another, to listening to one another with all our differences present at the table, so that transformation can occur in us, and in the world around us.  Jesus in his table ministry gives us the ingredients that could help us in this effort – tables set with mercy, humility, intimacy, justice, compassion, forgiveness and love.

    This Fall, we find ourselves still in times that are uncertain and divisive.  And yet, Jesus encourages us to not give up on the spirit of gathering with one another, of setting the tables – both physical and metaphorical – for the nourishment of us all.

    *Please note that many of our groups are still figuring out where they will gather consistently as the fall season moves forward.  Navigating an ever-changing landscape of Covid, means that many of our listings (in terms of location), are influx. Some of our groups are meeting in person for the Fall (while the weather cooperates), and many of our groups are alternating physical and virtual meetings.
    Here’s a google form, if you’d like to express your community group interest,  .

  • We’ve found that you are more likely to enjoy going to a community group that fits you and your routine, so please feel free to try out a few groups before settling into one.

    You can also receive a personal recommendation based on your preferences and interests. Feel free to contact Ivy, our pastor of community life, at

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