God-Soaked World Bible Guide – Day 21 - Reservoir Church
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God-Soaked World Bible Guide – Day 21

March 26, 2017

Sunday, March 26 – Selah (Review)

Taking our cue from the Psalms’ interlude moments of rest and meditation, we are introducing a new rhythm into the Bible guide from now until the end of the 40 Days. Each Sunday, we won’t introduce a new passage but will pause for reflection and review.

One way you can use this pause is for catch up. If you missed a day or more of the guide this week, you can look at one other day’s passage and enjoy it out of sequence.

A second way you can use this pause is to review one of the passages you especially enjoyed or that especially troubled you. Read it and the points of interest a second time, asking God to teach you something new and illumine something God would like you to notice. Try the spiritual exercise again and see where it takes you.

A final way you can use this pause is to touch base on the 40 Days of Faith experiment as a whole. Consider these prompts to do so.


  1. How has it gone praying every day for God to do something for you? Has anything changed in your prayer, or in answer to your prayer?
  1. What has it been like to pray for your six? Consider re-writing the six names below, or re-committing to prayer for six local people who seem to not be experiencing much from God. Have you seen anything happen – either in you or in their lives – in response to your prayers? Is there anything you would like to say to any of them?
  1. How have you experienced God’s goodness so far? Have you learned anything about God, or seen any ways in which you live in a God-soaked world? Have you noticed anything that helps you engage with God’s presence with you?


Take a few minutes of silence with these questions, and see where they take you today. Close your time by thanking God for anything you notice, learn, or experience.