Watertown Group – Jen Bonislawski

We are a group that shares about our lives, listens, and prays for one another.  Everyone is welcome. Family-friendly, all-gender, multi-generational.

Family & Care-Giver Community Group

We are a group that gathers together together to connect with one another, God, and ourselves – through prayer, scripture, and sometimes song! Childcare provided.

The Tolles

We meet on Sundays 4-7pm. Alternating weeks with babysitting and weeks as whole family/caregiver units. We are an all gender group of ~10+ people on any given week: 20s and 30s, single and married, kids and without, Christian and not, who get together to pray for one another. We talk about real life. 

Childcare provided.


Family-Friendly Group in Bedford

A family friendly support group. We meet for pot-luck dinner at 6pm, followed by kids playing together while adults engage in discussion. Religion not necessary.