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Neighboring Stories from Our Reservoir Community

May 2, 2016

Snapshots of Neighboring from the Reservoir Community!
Many of you have already communicated your experiences of neighboring to us – we thought it would be encouraging to share these as we all try to navigate our own efforts of neighboring.

“My husband and  I love our local magazine, Scout Somerville, and so I finally decided to sink the money into a real subscription.  When I put in the credit card info, it had a spot to write a note and I wrote that I hoped that my order would be processed in time to get the May/June issue.  The editor in chief, responded with “absolutely” and she said that she lives on my street (like 10 houses down)! So I emailed her back and asked her to be better neighbors.”


“This week as I walked down the hall of my apartment building, I looked up and actually asked my neighbor what his name is.   From now on – I look forward to engaging with him  – by name – the next time I see him”


“The Mayor lives down the street from us.  I decided to ask to partner with him in more efforts toward making our neighborhood feel like a community. I just put in the mailbox a letter addressed to ‘My Mayor and Neighbor’, asking him if  my husband and I can partner with him to make Ten Hills (our little section of Somerville) into a more “neighbor-y” place.”

“I put together a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” bag – inclusive of the fun spinach plant I picked up at the Dome table last week!”


“This year, I’ve been praying for my kids’ teachers and school administrators as part of our churches “pray for your 6” practice. Recently, I gave four of them a thank you note with a $10 Starbucks gift card, reminding them that I pray for them regularly and am rooting for their joy and their success. All of them made a point of telling me, in person or in writing, how much it meant to them. One of them wrote me a thank you email, saying my card “brought tears to his eyes,” which has led to further conversation and a move from acquaintance toward friendship. It’s been really rewarding and really worth the $40 cost!”


“I dropped a swiss chard plant at my neighbor’s house this morning!”