See Here for Coronavirus Related Updates - Reservoir Church
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See Here for Coronavirus Related Updates

March 11, 2020

March 12 Virtual Church Announcements

March 4 Coronavirus Communication

Ways to Help Others in Need this Season:

    • Some needs have arisen from Covid-19 specific related issues. Our pastors are actively reaching to our Reservoir community for needs they are aware of, to try to matchmake resources to meet our community’s needs. Please email the pastoral staff if you or someone you know, has a need during this season.
      • related to college student needs for hosting, storage, transportation, etc. or the resources to help, email
      • for practical needs for general population, or the ability to help with tasks such as grocery and other errands, email
      • for pastoral care and connection, email
    • Fill out this form to host or provide storage for low-income or first-generation Harvard College students, struggling with university closures.
    • Contact Tufts Intervarsity Christian Fellowship staff to help with storage, housing, spare computers, and transportation needs for Tufts students in need; email

Ongoing updates will be posted here as we have them, in this rapidly changing landscape.