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The best kind of gift


These are stories of ordinary people from Reservoir whose lives were meaningfully impacted by our faith community. Check back for new stories coming every so often.

In my 36 years of being in church, this is honestly the first faith community where I feel safe to be myself and that is the best kind of gift.

I had hoped to find a church in my neighborhood, but a good friend told me about Reservoir.  I started listening to some of the sermons online and was struck by the consistent kindness in the messages. I decided to go ahead and value my need for a place that felt like a spiritual home over geographic location and started making the trek to the other side of the Red Line.

I feel freedom and peace at Reservoir.  I see a diverse group of people who are safe to pursue God and participate in community at their own pace, in accordance with their own needs.  I hear invitations, kindness, softness and wisdom. It has been and continues to be a place where restoration, healing and life spring up.

Reservoir is intentional about cultivating a community where our experiences with and views of God can be expanded, where difficult questions and pains can be voiced and held, and where new roots can grow in the company of others.