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Soccer Nights Stories

Kai, A Soccer Nights Intern

Reservoir Church runs Soccer Nights each summer for the community with all kinds of volunteers and participants. We’re happy to share some stories with you.

I graduated from Winchester High School.  I’m heading to the University of Southern California this fall.   I’m excited to not be freezing cold this winter.  I met a lot of really great people already and I’m looking forward to hanging out with them more this fall.

I’ve been interning for Soccer Nights for the past six weeks or so.   This is probably my fifth year here and its been a lot of fun.  I really like working with everybody at the Reservoir.  They’re welcoming and fun to hang out with.  It’s been particularly fun working toward this giant project that is happening this week and doing all these different things, like calling for donations and organizing volunteers.    Today, I went and picked up some toilet paper, which was pretty random, but it’s just something that has to get done.

I have an awesome boss.  She really tries hard to make sure we know what we’re doing, and to guide us whenever there might be something that we don’t know how to do.  This year I’ve been working in the blue division with the youngest kids.  They’re so affectionate and they love being with the coaches.  They love running around playing soccer.  It doesn’t have to be super structured or anything for them to have a good time.

Last night we played a giant game of freeze tag, with everybody in the division.  At first, it was all the coaches running around tagging the kids.  And if they were tagged they were frozen.  I would un-tag some of them so that they could be unfrozen.   Then the game switched so that the coaches were the people being chased by the kids.  Then the kids paid back the little favor I’d done by unfreezing them.  Some of them would come up to me and tap me and very quietly say, unfrozen.  And I’m like, “Thanks.”