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I was so grateful for God’s help!

Manny Nicolas

For a few years we have been debating of owning our own home. In October of 2015, we started getting serious about buying a house. We talked it over with some friends who told us that we had too much debt and that it would be impossible to get pre-approved for a mortgage.  So that year, one of my 40 days of Faith prayers was for God to bless us with our own home.  As our rental lease was ending, we prayed a simple prayer… “God, we are your children and we are in need; very soon we won’t have a place to live.”

After long search and disappointment, one day, I got a text from my wife with a picture, of a house in a town where I wasn’t looking.  She said that she was led by the Holy Spirit, and felt different about this house, so different that she was so excited and couldn’t even concentrate on anything else for a week.  There was no open house, only viewing by appointment, so we scheduled one.

We went inside the immaculate home and saw a small blackboard that said “Mimi’s kitchen” above the door. Mimi was the owner’s daughter’s name, but also my wife’s name! And this house was in our price range! We made an offer, bargained a bit, and eventually our offer was accepted. The seller’s agent said, “There are too many signs pointing to you buying this house. It’s like God’s hand is on this deal, so I won’t stand in the way.”

I was so grateful for God’s help!  Faith, hope, belief, and prayer can make the impossible become possible. Sometimes, you have to listen and look to what God is offering you. You believe in Him and let Him do His work. Even though sometimes you don’t get what you want, He will give you what you need.