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Soccer Nights Stories

Milton, A Soccer Nights Volunteer

Reservoir Church runs Soccer Nights each summer for the community with all kinds of volunteers and participants. We’re happy to share some stories with you.

I’m originally from San Francisco. I came to Boston for law school, and decided to stick around after I got my degree. Now I work in legal aid.

This is my third year at Soccer Nights. I leave work early and have taken an hour of vacation time each day to make it here on time. When I first joined up, it was because I had a couple friends who said it was a lot of fun. But what kept me coming back was the kids. It’s really rewarding to get a different group of kids who don’t know each other, who are shy…there are a couple of standouts, but at the end, they kind of gel into this unit. They support each other and have a ton of fun. They run back to their parents, and say that they never want this to end. They’re just so happy by the end of the week that they’ve met these people, learned these skills, and that they’ve been able to hang out with old friends and new. It’s incredibly rewarding.