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Soccer Nights Stories

Tilahune, A Soccer Nights Participant

Reservoir Church runs Soccer Nights each summer for the community with all kinds of volunteers and participants. We’re happy to share some stories with you.

I am originally from Ethiopia.  I’ve been here about fifteen years or so, and I live in North Cambridge.  So far, everything has been wonderful.  I have a family, and two wonderful daughters.  My older daughter, since the beginning of the day, has been excited and eager, to come back to Soccer Nights.  She’s having fun.  My younger daughter, she’s active,  having fun even though she’s not on the team yet.

I like how your team members pay attention to the kids.   I like that so much. Everybody is having fun.  That’s what it’s all about, having fun, circling together, teaching her how to play soccer, all of that is really nice.

When I was young I played soccer a lot.  But when I came here it’s all about going to school, or going to work.  I have no chance to play.   My little brother, he’s a professional soccer player.  He used to play for clubs back home.  So now he’s here.  So maybe we’ll show off our skills here today.