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Leader Resources

Thank you for all you do to lead your community group! This page is where you can find resources that might help you plan and facilitate your group.


Stop Start Continue Exercise – End of Semester

Annual Spiritual Reflection

Spiritual Practice Packet 2018

Reservoir Spiritual Practices for “An Embodied Faith” Series 2018

Reservoir Spiritual Practices for “Your Faith Journey at Reservoir” Series 2018

Reservoir Spiritual Practice for “Light in the Darkness: Dreams and Nightmares” Series 2018

Book Study: Henri Nouwen’s, “Can You Drink the Cup?”

Social Justice Scripture Study

Speak Out Sunday: There is No Place for Sexual Violence in Our Future

Community Group Leader Semester Reflection and Assessment

Group Guidelines – Setting Your Space as Safe – Parker Palmer

Caring for Big Needs

Application Form:

Community Group Leader Application – Google Form

Advent Season: Light & Darkness – Resources

On Sunday, December 4, 2016, we presented a special service format where everyone was invited to name their laments and their hopes. We’ve prepared a guide to help you lead a similar experience with the people in your life.

You can download the entire guide, or download the part of the guide relevant to the type of experience you want to facilitate, below:

Spiritual & Traditional

Spiritual & Modern

Spiritual & Simple